Healthy Eating

The Dinner Daily

Save 25% on this award-winning meal planning service.

The Dinner Daily makes healthy dinners easy and affordable by providing personalized weekly dinner plans based on your food preferences, dietary needs and weekly specials at your grocery store. You can also send your grocery list right to Peapod for delivery (in certain locations) or to your store’s online delivery service.

For less than $1 a week, you can save hundreds each year on grocery costs. All memberships come with a free two-week trial.

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Eat Right Now®

Save 25% on a subscription to this mindful eating app. Eat Right Now combines neuroscience and mindfulness to reduce your craving-related eating by 40%.

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Save 25% on this science-based, personalized nutrition plan based on your blood test results.

InsideTracker’s cutting-edge technology uses your blood data, lifestyle habits and goals to determine where your body stands. You’ll get personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to help you remove the guesswork from your wellness.

No blood draw is required. Just upload your blood test results from a doctor’s visit or any other source, and InsideTracker will provide science-based recommendations to guide you to your goals.

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Savory Living®

Save 25% and try the first session for free. Savory Living is an online healthy eating lifestyle program that empowers you to take control of how you eat and feel. The 12 sessions guide you through easy, gradual change as you discover how to eat right for you, learn easy food and cooking skills, practice new habits and get the coaching support to create a personalized healthy eating lifestyle that you love.

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Weight Watchers of Maine

Register for free (regularly $20) when you buy a monthly pass. (Maine locations only.)

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