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Health Plans, Inc. (HPI) Announces Partnership with Groundbreaking Healthcare Navigation Platform Company HealthJoy

Westborough, MA, September 2022 – Health Plans, Inc. (HPI) is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with HealthJoy. This partnership will elevate HPI member engagement and enhance overall health plan experiences. The team at HPI is constantly pushing forward to innovate and evolve, and the HPI and HealthJoy partnership will offer clients and their employees a next-level healthcare experience through access to a mobile-first platform that connects employees to the right care, at the right time.

This partnership will provide HPI clients access to the HealthJoy core platform with an added HPI integration—allowing HealthJoy to proactively reach out to members when precertification indicates a service is needed. This approach will help steer members to quality, convenient, cost-effective care when they need it.

“I’m so excited to share the news of HPI and HealthJoy with our self-funded community. Both organizations share a vision to create solutions that impact change,” said Deb Hodges, CEO and president of HPI. “This new venture will leverage cutting-edge technology to empower our clients and their employees to make the most of their healthcare benefits. I’m elated to be able to present HPI clients and their employees with a digital navigation solution that brings all their plan offerings, along with virtual care and concierge options, to their fingertips.”

The HealthJoy platform centralizes health plan data into a single platform for easy member access. Then, it goes one step further by backing up the app with a healthcare concierge team and an AI-powered virtual assistant. This allows members to interact with their benefits 24/7, 365 days a year, directly from their mobile device.

Dave Mallen, executive vice president of strategic partnerships at HealthJoy, says, “We could not be more thrilled to align with the HPI team. HPI is a leader in the industry that shares similar values to HealthJoy and has the same vision to change healthcare and impact people’s lives for the better. We have created an experience that enables members to understand their benefits, become better consumers of healthcare, reduce HR administrative burden, and connect members to the best care possible. This newly enhanced, fully connected platform with HPI is game-changing. Through data and claims, we will now be able to proactively engage members at the time that matters most. Through this exciting partnership, every client will now have a strategy that makes healthcare proactive, instead of reactive.”

As leaders in our respective industries, HPI and HealthJoy are bringing together the best of both worlds to reduce costs and improve experiences for employers and their employees across the country.

About HPI

HPI redefines what is possible with self-funded health plans. As a leading national third-party administrator, they partner with health plan brokers and employers to provide innovative self-funding strategies and customized plans tailored to each client’s needs and population. HPI’s solutions give employers greater cost transparency and control, while elevating the member experience. It is their flexible approach, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to quality, technology, and service that enable them to deliver premium value to their customers.

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About HealthJoy

HealthJoy, a healthcare navigation platform, simplifies the healthcare and benefits experience for every member. HealthJoy provides a connected healthcare experience that takes the confusion and complexity out of healthcare by connecting members with the right benefits at the right moment in their care journey. Their mobile-first platform and human concierge team bring benefits together to surface the best providers, virtual care, and savings.

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