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On-Demand Webinar: RBP - Take Control with Transparent Solutions

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Healthcare and insurance markets are seeing profits from the increase of premiums year over year, leaving your employers struggling to keep up, but Reference Based Pricing (RBP) can help. Learn how keeping healthcare local, reducing plan costs and minimizing provider and member noise through RBP can be a solution for your employers. 


Elizabeth Stoneman, National Sales Executive, HPI
Elizabeth is an expert on strategic development, relationship management and self-funding. With her tremendous all-around knowledge of self-funding, RBP sales experience and a strong reputation in the industry, Elizabeth plays a critical role in the success of national broker support.

Ryan Day, President, HST
Ryan is a seasoned executive with expertise in developing innovative technology solutions for both financial services and healthcare markets. Recently published in the area of pricing technology and considered an SME in the area of pricing transparency in healthcare, Ryan provides an extensive background in finance, technology and strategy.

Brendan Waight, Stop Loss Specialist, Sun Life
Brendan has over 15 years’ experience in the stop loss industry, serving the last five years in his current role at Sun Life. Sun Life is the largest independent direct writer of Stop Loss with over 2.0 billion in in-force business and 35 years’ in the industry.

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